The Value Creation of Active Engagement Workshop

14 Jul 2021

Recognising the importance of sustainable investing, the UK and China have been working closely to encourage the growth of green and sustainable finance across financial services industry under the UK-China Green Finance Taskforce, established in 2017.

The Taskforce, led by the late Sir Roger Gifford, Chair of UK Green Finance Institute and Dr Ma Jun, Chair of China Green Finance Committee, initiated the UK-China ESG Leaders Forum (ELF) in early 2021. The Forum is a practitioner-led initiative to further embed ESG integration into the UK and Chinese investment community and to promote the best practice that can support UK and Chinese asset owners and managers on their transition journey to sustainable asset allocation.

The ELF focuses its research and exchanges in two areas, 1) Value creation of active engagement 2) Scaling ESG solutions for asset owners across asset classes in public and private markets. This workshop will focus on the first workstream, with the project team, led by Prof. Robert Eccles, the world’s foremost expert on integrated reporting and a leader on how companies and investors can create sustainable strategies, explaining the core elements of an active engagement framework and how asset owners and managers can work together to influence corporate decisions.


ELF Workshop – Value Creation of Active Engagement

The recording of the workshop can be viewed below: