About us

The UK-China Green Finance Centre (UKCGFC) is the evolution of a longstanding partnership between the UK’s Green Finance Initiative and Green Finance Committee of the China Society for Finance and Banking.

The Centre’s overarching mission is to enhance UK and China green finance cooperation to accelerate the global transition to an environmentally sustainable future.

Key to achieving this mission is to build on existing UK-China cooperation, to catalyse a transition from thought leadership and capacity building into two-way commercial activity.

The UKCGFC aims to:

  • Provide public and market leadership on green finance and investment.
  • Advocate for specific regulatory and policy proposals that will unlock more green finance for the real economy in the UK and China.
  • Connect UK and Chinese firms to green finance and green investment opportunities and events.


The UKCGFC is generously supported by the UK Government through the China-UK PACT (Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions) programme.