Green finance

How we manage our natural environment is one of the most pressing issues of our time, associated with climate stress, pollution and a prodigious need for clean energy. And China and the UK are world leaders in responding to the transition to a green economy.

Green finance – investment in environmental technology, infrastructure and services – is a powerful tool to deliver a greener future. The faster we can mainstream green finance, the better chance the world has at avoiding a climate catastrophe.

But green finance is not simply a matter of doing good. Green finance is prudent and profitable. Many studies have shown green assets are lower risk and deliver superior returns. Green finance is the future of finance.

Green finance has rapidly accelerated over the past year as responsible investors have pushed for change, and governments have provided strong signals of support. The G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group – co-chaired by China and the UK – has inspired many countries to develop their green finance roadmaps. The pace of green financing and investment is encouraging.

But the IPCC’s Special Report on the Impact of Global Warming Above 1.5°C was a timely reminder of all that is at stake if we fail to make the transition to a low carbon future. More is needed to push green finance and sustainable investment into the mainstream.

That’s why both the Green Finance Institute and the Green Finance Committee have come together to bring together expertise from both of our jurisdiction’s financial and professional services. We are working across six vital themes to drive the next wave of green finance.

  • Green Belt and Road
  • Green Capital Markets
  • Green Banking and Regulation
  • ESG and Sustainable Investing
  • Data and Disclosure
  • Green Technology and Innovation